BtoB marketing
and communications

Brand communication,
Operational Marketing,
Cross canal campaigns

Brand communication

platform and identity,
(promise, signs, guidelines)

Operational Marketing

tools and tactics for communication,
sales and promotion

Cross canal campaigns

image, awareness,
traffic, aquisition

Our services

Strategic support
Design of communication systems
Creation of messages and tools
Operational coordination and delivery

The conditions for success

BtoB expertise

In BtoB, beyond a person, you have to sell to an organization. Our agency helps you generating demand through multiple communication channels and sharing the knowledge and values of your company to build your brand.

Full support

Our agency supports you at every step of the creation of your communication tools, from their conception to their implementation.

Simple and effective methods

Each stage has its own stakes, constraints and challenges. Identifying the main steps in the development of your communication ensures the consistency of your project and the optimization of the workload.


Consistency in brand deployment


Informed arbitration on the choice of tools


Optimization of ressources


Measurable objectives , tracked results


Facilitation of project management

Audrey Pfeiffer
Strategic consulting and design
Audrey Carbasse
Project management
Jacques Figenwald
Production and print design
Lara Thal
Production and digital design
Hacène Bouafia
Graphic design

An industrial clientele

Supported on global communications

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